My work engages the American landscape. It can be read conceptually or formally, metaphorically or literally. The images are reductive, highly manipulated, and abstracted. One way to describe them is as post-photography. Another – photographic drawing. I take a popular and emotional approach to my imagery.


I am intrigued by ideas of transience, transcendence, and permanence. I’m interested in the co-existence of movement and stillness, color and pattern, realism and abstraction, flatness and depth. My work explores the evolution of the perceived landscape, created in part by the pervasive acceleration of images in modern life, which in turn has exponentially intensified and dulled our cognitive understanding of our environments. My pieces show the fleeting nature of transition, difficult to grasp but known to our perception, recognizable to our consciousness and memory.


My process takes many steps. Sometimes an image is shot straight in very detailed high resolution, or I use a slow shutter speed to capture an image with what I call "digital detritus". Most images are composites of 2 - 5 images, sometimes from the same landscape at the same time, or other places and times. 


There is digital manipulation both in contrast, exposure and saturation (like in the darkroom) and in using selective color blending to remove or add say, magenta and cyan for example.  After the base image is finished I work the image digitally using drawing and painting techniques including blending color, softening areas, taking a reductive approach to the image, and in most cases adding quite a bit of line work. I like the tension between soft and hard. 


My work is closely married to design as well - in its structure, use of color theory, and it's flexibility to work at different scales and sizes. 


And, my collaboration with master printers is crucial. We try and always push the limits to create beautiful, lush, excellent prints. 




Danae Falliers



Select Exhibition

• Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA "library" solo show

• New Directions in Photography, SLATEArt Consulting and gallery, Oakland, CA

• COLLECT: The Art of Colorado Corporations - Corporations in partnership with NINE dot ARTS

• McMurtrey Gallery, Houston, TX  “library”

Cumulous Skies: The Enduring Modernist Aesthetic in New Mexico, Santa Fe Art Commission Gallery

• Horizons -  LUMAS Paris St Germain,

• Fast Forward -  LUMAS Dusseldorf, Germany

• Friesen Abmeyer "sun and sky" Seattle, WA

• Friesen Gallery “sky” Sun Valley, ID

• Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) “Situating Robert Adams” Denver, CO

• Robishcon Gallery “semi” Denver, CO

• Wall Space Gallery, “Life Support Japan” Santa Barbara, CA

• Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA

• Friesen Gallery, “Re:Vision”,  Seattle, WA

• photoLA, Susan Spiritus Gallery

• LAUNCH Projects, Santa Fe, NM

• Friesen Gallery “Considered” , Sun Valley, ID

• Anderson Ranch, Aspen, CO

• Webster Collection

• Inde / Jacobs Gallery - Marfa, TX

• Rule Gallery - Denver, CO

• The Denver Art Museum

• Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe – “Water Project”

• Vincent Price Art Museum, East Los Angeles

Select Installation

• Hitchcock Evert LLP, intellectual property law firm, Dallas, TX.

• City Hall, Santa Fe, NM. Office of the Mayor, long-term loan.

• Polen Capital, Boca Raton, FL

• Norwegian Cruise Lines

• New Mexico Art in Public Places – acquisition award

• Childrens Hospital, Denver, CO

• The Gates Family Foundation

• Fidelity Investments, New York, NY

• Calpine Energy, Houston, TX

• Dallas Cowboy Stadium, suite. Dallas, TX

• Metro State College  - Hotel and Hospitality Learning Center, curated by Nine Dot Arts, Denver, CO

• Houston City Hall – curated by Houston Center of Photography and awarded by the City of Houston Art in Public Places

• Art + Artisans, corporate installation and collections Houston, TX

• Kinzelman Arts, corporate installation and collections Houston, TX

• Thornberg Financial, Santa Fe, NM

• Wilson and Associates, New York, NY 

• Fairmont Hotel, Makkah Clock Royal Tower, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• Private residence, Malibu, CA

• ACM Creativity and Cognition, Berkeley, CA

• Private residence, Washington, D.C.

• New Mexico Art in Public Places, La Mesa, NM

• The Fairmont Hotel, Tucson

• The Fairmont Hotel, Monte Carlo

• Green – By – Design, Los Angeles

• Auberge de Rancho Encantado, Santa Fe, New Mexico

• Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge, Socorro, New Mexico

• United Bank of Denver , CA

• SafeCo Corporation, Seattle, WA

• Qwest

• “Vehicle” – Albuquerque Museum of Art - billboard commission

• Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, AIDS Wing

• Art & Action Project, City of Los Angeles Public Art Program


Represented by Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO; Craig Krull Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, CA; and art consultants in Houston / Austin, Dallas, Washington D.C., Boston, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Mexico City, and others.



Master of Fine Arts (MFA) The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. Photography / Video


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA. Photography major and Film / Video


Art Center College of Art and Design, Pasadena, CA. Digital Media and Design - coursework